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Guardian of Gaia

Book Cover - Guardian of Gaia A true story about a young woman’s initiation and vision quest as an impeccable warrior, who began as a vulnerable, trusting, young woman, and goes through extreme tests and challenges, to emerge victorious as a goddess, and finds her own power and connection with Spirit.

This inspiring and adventurous quest leads her to a profound opening of her heart and connection with “Gaia”, (Mother Earth). Szuson studies eight years with “cosmic Shaman” becoming a “spiritual warrior” who goes through a 44-day fast, treks through the jungle of Venezuela, climbs Ayers Rock, travels to New Zealand and shares her gifts of inner sight and healing.   Type: Paperback, Revised Edition 2012


Andrew Weil, M.D.
National Bestselling Author

“When Szuson lived in Tucson, Arizona, I sent a number of my patients to her for her unique healing work. The results were good. In Guardian of Gaia she describes her intensive training to become a sensitive and effective practitioner with unusual skills–quite unlike anything I learned in medical school.”



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“Guardian of Gaia is the epitome of bravery, fearlessness and complete trust in Spirit.  Szuson’s journeys took great courage and faith. Guardian of Gaia takes us into the invisible world of Spirit, and allows us to sojourn in a continuous awakening.”

Michael Loes, M.D., author of Purposely Driven Health

“Few could even begin to imagine the demands the Shaman made on this young woman in the interests of her learning and the gift of healing.  Few could have endured the journey.  A truly remarkable story; under-stated in its telling, humbly and gently shared, honest and affirming.”

Barry Brailsford, author of Song of the Stone

“I have read Guardian of Gaia.  Your life is inspirational.  Thank God for your heart and spirit.”

Paula Mathews

“Once I started to read Guardian of Gaia, I could not put it down and read it in one sitting.  It is a truly remarkable story!!”

Jill Hardcastle

“I absolutely loved Guardian of Gaia.  It is so nice to know that there are people like you out there.  Thank you for your love of the world.”

Brendon Wright

“I want to thank you for your guidance and direction, for giving so much of your beautiful unselfish self.  Know that you have made an impression on many lives here  in New Zealand.”
Julie Laurich, Artist

“Guardian of Gaia is an earnest, straightforward approach to enlightenment.”

Robert Matusiak, Ph.D.

“The story of a courageous woman’s journey in search of self – the tough lessons taught by Shaman, and the sometimes tougher lessons taught by life.  A book, that once I started I found hard to put down.”

Geoff Turtley, Publisher of Rainbow Network

“Szuson’s work is of the highest quality and she has a unique style of teaching that is inspiring and awakening.”

Phillip Cottingham,  Principal of Wellpark College

“You are very special and have been such a calm, centered spirit leader.  I feel privileged to know you.”

Judy Green, Naturopath

“I have found Dr Szuson Wong to be a very beautiful person, very serene with an aura of calmness and spirituality about her.”

Lisa Thomas, Nurse

“Szuson, you are kind, giving, full of wisdom and able to pull a team together like few I have known – a true wonder.”

B. Mathews, Managing Director

“Your gentle soul and light brings harmony and love to all who know you – an ANGEL on earth.  It is an honour to know you.”

Rosalie Vernal, Counselor 

“When I attended Szuson’s group, I could feel Szuson’s beautiful, peaceful, radiant energy and felt very welcome.  She has an amazing ability to make everyone feel very special – a rare gift rarely seen by me.  Her grace, light and pureness of heart shines through and touches everyone.”

Lynne Duncan, Resource Manager